"Necessity being the mother of invention"

  Grandaddy Short Leg is a hillbilly power trio straight from the hills of Appalachia. Born in blood and hardened in the crucible of “mountain life,” these former moonshiners come from a tradition of both music and runnin’ high-test that spans 5 generations. But when federal  agents shut down their operation, it wasn’t much of a stretch for them to get their show on the road, as it were. For these blood brothers, makin’ music is just as much a natural part of life as cookin’ up a batch of hooch. Drawing on their heritage for inspiration, the music they cover and create together is in many ways a homage to their old life, and to the people who helped shape it. They’re an eclectic bunch, despite (or maybe in spite of) their backwoods pedigree, and bring a love of hillbilly culture, Blues, Rock, and Country to their audiences.

Grandaddy Short Leg is

Bass Guitar/Vocals

Smoke-Eye Kielbasa Bass Guitar/Vocals


Cletus Massengill Drums/Vocals


Lester Tugnut Guitar/Vocals